New England Invents’ Military Pitch Event

Our Military Pitch Event offered a unique opportunity for our active military personnel, retired veterans, and the families of military servicemen and women to showcase their entrepreneurial spirit and innovation. We saw seven military affiliated members pitch their products to a panel of experts and a live audience.

Our panelists included:

Peter Cifichiello, M&A and Emerging Growth Lawyer at Morse.
Eric Solem, Managing Principal and President of the Boston office of Lee & Associates.
Rob Arndt, BufferSprings Founder and CEO.
Elizabeth Dougherty, Eastern Regional Outreach Director for the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Our pitch presenters included:

Kim Howell, Founder of Health Bezzie
Captain Breezy Grenier, Founder of South Coast AI
Dan Futrell, Founder of Polymath University
Stewart Junge & Deanna Junge, Founders of fiVO Design
Michele Putko, Founder of Clean Flame Thermal Solutions
J Alarie, Inventor of the Shovel Master
Tony Dube, Inventor of Comfort Toes Bedding

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